Facial Treatments

Express Facial (30 mins) $58
This facial is designed for people with a busy lifestyle. it is very effective in a short time. It's the perfect stepping stone to a full-service facial, or a suitable treatment 'in-between' if time is a premium. Leaves your skin clean and refreshed and wonderfully moisturised.

Teen Facial (45 mins)$68
This treatment is ideal for congested adolescent skin. it consists of a combination of deep cleansing procedures, extractions, high-frequency, leaving the skin feeling clean with a more refined appearance.

Terrasil Deep Cleanse Treatment  (1hour) $89
Extensive cleansing treatment turning problem skin into pure skin! This micro-flora balancing treatment targets excess oil, bacteria and break-outs to give you cleaner looking skin. This treatment is also combined with the procedures applied in the teen facial and includes neck and shoulder massage.

Sensitive Sensation Treatment (1hour) $89
A truly effective but gentle treatment for delicate skin types. this facial sooths and strengthens the surface of your skin. highly active concentrates and specialized masks are used to hydrate as well as calm your skin. This treatment also includes (optional hot oil scalp massage) facial, neck and shoulder massage.

Fresh Fruit Peel (1 hour) $89
This is a fruit delight facial treatment, with extracts of peach, cucumber, jojoba, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, mango and green tea, makes for a highly nutritive and hydrating experience for your skin. A refreshing and revitalising facial that leaves your skin glowing. This treatment includes (optional hot oil scalp massage) facial, neck and shoulder massage.

The Ultimate Bio Skin Face-Lift (1 hour) $99
This treatment is quick-lift treatment that stimulates all of the skin's functions. It strengthens the connective tissue leaving the skin firm and energized. Lymphatic drainage and detoxification are stimulated. Calms sensitive skin and skin with telangiectasie and stimulates all of the skins functions. Suitable for all skin types, also includes ultimate eye lift treatment (optional hot oil scalp massage) facial, neck and shoulder massage.

Thermo Modelage Intensive Infusion Facial (1 hour) $129
This self-heating, intensive facial mask increases circulation, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. this is further intensified through improved absorption of the active concentrates and masks used in the process of the facial treatment by "infusing" active ingredients into the skin. this treatment will help to hydrate, detoxify, and firm the skin. It is excellent for dry and dehydrated skins. This treatment is the ultimate defence against  wrinkles. Includes a collagen / thermo modelage eye treatment, (optional hot oil scalp massage) facial, neck and shoulder massage.

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