I am a qualified practitioner in Reiki 1, 2 & 3, Kundalini Reiki 1-9, Ashati, Seichem and Alsemia healing.

Everything within our universe is made up of energy, including our own physical body, thoughts, and emotions.

Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words, Rei and Ki, loosely meaning “Divine Wisdom” and “life force energy.” Together the two terms represent the holistic energy-based, hands-on healing modality that the world has come to know as Reiki

Reiki treatments feel deeply relaxing, a sense of peace, and calmness. It works on a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Reiki helps with the following, deep relaxation, relieves stress, relieves pain, insomnia, promotes healing, aids in emotional relief, relieves constipation, reduces hypertension, asthma, headaches, increases vitality, balances emotions, dissolves energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body, and spirit, assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins, supports the immune system and more.

Ashati is an advanced energy healing, meditation, psychic, personal, and spiritual development system to help you heal your body, mind, and soul, expand your awareness and higher senses, understand your thoughts and emotions, connect with your higher-self and spirit guides.

Ashati can help you release energetic blockages, repressed emotions, past-life traumas, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, self-imposed limitations and suffering, false goals, wants and needs, etc.

It will enable you to open your mind to new perspectives, stronger inner guidance, and knowledge.

This healing process will help you re-discover and understand your true self. This has enabled many people to find direction, their purpose in life, find a new career path, minimise or let go of stress, understand their emotional language, make more effective decisions, decipher what they truly want out of life, and generally feel happier and more peaceful as a result.